Vatican Massacre
Date 4 June 1518
Location Vatican City, Empire of Italy
Notable Deaths
  • Pope Paul III
  • All 24 Chief Cardinals in Rome
  • Nearly 600 other members of the Vatican clergy as well as over 200 Papal soldiers

The Vatican Massacre was a mass execution that occurred on the command of Cesare Borgia after his death a few days before in Naples.

Vatican Massacre
Artistic rendition of the battle (c.1602)
Date 4 June 1429
Location Vienne, Dauphiné Viennois
Result Decisive Angevin victory
Leaders and commanders
  • Roughly 15,000
  • Over 8,000
Casualties and losses
  • 273–312 knights
  • Roughly 1500 other infantrymen
  • Only 442 knights and 3,018 other infantrymen are recored to have died; a majority of Charles' forces surrendered after the king's death

The battle

Forces belonging to Thomas arrived in battle area not long after morning. A contingent of heavy men-at-arms, mostly French and Normans, laid in hiding from Charles' army.