United Collectivism Party

Lilies & Lions, An Alternative History

United Collectivism Party

United Collectivist Party of France
Party Secretary Séverin Géroux KCF
Deputy Party Secretary Reine Lachapelle KCF
Founded 11 May 2026
Party HQ Robert Barnes Tower
City of Bordeaux
Affiliate parties Collectivist Alliance of Borealia
Collectivist Party of Charlotte
Activist wings People's Congress of the Angevin Union
Common Workers United
Youth wings Junior Collectivists of France
Junior Collectivists of Britannia
Membership 4,335,484 (2066 estimate)
Ideology Collectivism/Cormierism[a]
International collectivism
Anti-monarchist republicanism[b, c]
Political position Severe internationalism
Terran Senate affiliation Alliance of Socialist + Progressive Parties
Global affiliation Universal Forward Progress
Colours   Red
Common Assembly
Angevin Parliament
23 / 1250
National Senate
Angevin Parliament
12 / 400
House of Commons
Brittanic Parliament
3 / 250
Britannic Senate
Brittanic Parliament
0 / 50
Network connections
Official site
Youth site
Politics of the Crown of France
Politics of the Kingdom of Britannia
Political parties
2065 Elections

From Lilies & Lions, An Alternative History

The United Royalists are a centre-right, conservative political party represented in all constituencies of the Crown.

The party was founded in 2059 (during the Crown Royalist Crisis) as a result of the unification of the largest conservative royalist parties in the Crown of France.