New Gascogne National Football Team
Nickname(s) The New Bloods
Founded 5 July 1962
Home ground Various
Squad coach William Crosby
Squad captain James S. Markert
Association Football Association of Vespasia
National league NSVAFL
First colours
Second colours

Agency for Air and Space Travel
Agency overview
Established 17 October 1944
Superior department Department of Ultra-Terran Affairs
Headquarters Fort Quilliame, Charlesais
Motto "Pour l'Au-delà"
Employees 64,259
Annual budget Classified; estimated at a£4.3 billion [a]
Sub-Agencies Agency for Space Defence
Agency for Colonisation and Outer-Terran Mining Operations
Agency for Inneratmosphere Air Traffic and Control
Agency executives Aldéric Ethan, Director
Marin Jérôme, Deputy Director
Network connections bienvenue:aaev//.cf-1