European Community Observation Mission to Occitania

Lilies & Lions, An Alternative History

European Community Stabilisation Mission to Occitania

European Community Observation Mission to France
EC Peace-Keepers in Bordeaux, Crown of France
Abbreviation ECFOM
Formation date 15 July 2055
Type of mission Observation, Peace-Keeping
Status Active
Head Annika Körte (General-major of the EC Observation Group), Jean-Michel Barrault (Légionnaire-general attaché of the French Home Guard)
Headquarters Bat. Christophe de Bourbon, Moulins, Crown of France
Superior organisation Office of the European Peacekeeping Force, United Earth Department of Peace-Keeping and Peace-Enforcement Operations

Agency for Air and Space Travel
Agency overview
Established 17 October 1944
Superior department Department of Ultra-Terran Affairs
Headquarters Fort Quilliame, Charlesais
Motto "Pour l'Au-delà"
Employees 64,259
Annual budget Classified; estimated at a£4.3 billion [a]
Sub-Agencies Agency for Space Defence
Agency for Colonisation and Outer-Terran Mining Operations
Agency for Inneratmosphere Air Traffic and Control
Agency executives Aldéric Ethan, Director
Marin Jérôme, Deputy Director
Network connections bienvenue:aaev//.cf-1