Lilies & Lions

What is Lilies and Lions?

Lilies and Lions is an alternative history study which begins with one simple question:

Could Henry V succeed where no other English king had before him and take the crown of France from the Capets once and for all?

I have spent the better part of a year considering this very question and the ramifications it would have upon history if Charles VI were to have died in 1421, only a year earlier than he had. As such, this history diverges in more than one way before 1421; certain births occur and deaths are averted to help drive this narrative.

Ultimately, this site will feature articles on existing history and new history, as well as various types of graphics including arms, maps, maybe even cartoons in the future. Later on, I do enjoy writing and it would be nice to write fiction within this universe.

Where to start?

As this site will feature nearly 600 years of rewritten history (assuming everything goes well!), it will need some starting points. Right now, those are quite simple.

With what seemed the entire world behind him, Henry V's path to the French crown was all but assured.

Henry V of England

In 1337, Edward III put forth his claim to the French throne, and began a war that would last a century.

The Angevin–Valois
Succession War for France

Following the untimely death of Charles VI, his son quickly demanded the crown.

Charles VII of France

The Wealdish Post

View a site belonging to one of the largest global news agencies of the 21st century; and take a peek into the world of Lilies & Lions in 2065.